Monitoring Rafale military aircraft

Rafale maintenance data is actually exported on a “ cassette “ and rendered in Dassault Aviation’s HARPAGON software tool.

The work performed by FlightWatching consisted in creating a quick prototype for the next generation of maintenance tools for Rafale fighter : e-Squadron maintenance. WILCO was fully integrated in a wider application developed by Dassault Aviation. In 3 months a whole new web-application was operational using real Rafale data and rendering in real time the results on a remarquable graphical interface. Quick Prototyping for Marketing: The live dashboards were immediately presented by Dassault at the ADS SHOW in Merignac and still continue to be presented at Le Bourget (Paris Air Show). WILCO is also a tool to market new projects: showing high quality designs that animate according to live data makes WILCO a perfect tool for great aeronautical events to capture trends from your customers.